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MyVirtualRD Online Consults

Meet with a Licensed Dietitian on a HIPPA protected platform, in the comfort of your home or office.  Whether your goal is to shed unhealthy pounds, lower your cholesterol, manage diabetes, change your diet,  or just get healthier in general, 

My Virtual RD services can be the right fit for you and your busy schedule!  Give us a call or email for a free 15 minute session.


In Person Nutrition Counseling

Work with a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist to improve your overall health and wellbeing.  Our Dietitians follow evidence based nutrition guidelines and work with a wide variety of nutritional concerns. We would love to help you with your fitness/health goals.  Some insurance providers cover Nutrition Counseling.  Call us with any questions or to schedule your first appointment.  Click below to see our Specialties.  615-474-5753


Work On Wellness -Employee Health Programs

We believe employees should Work on Wellness (WOW) and our trained and licensed staff can assist with a workplace wellness program for best productivity outcomes.  Our motto is "Healthy Employees are Happy Employees!"  We offer on site Nutrition Seminars specific to your group needs, 4 week group workshops and quick 30 minute Healthy Lunch and Learn presentations.  We also offer group fitness classes! No group too big or small!   Still have questions? Call us to discuss your Employee Heatlh needs.  615-474-5753

Additional Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy


 Does your Dr. want you to see a Registered Dietitian? Our team specializes in helping people with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight loss, as well as pediatric & children's nutrition. We also specialize in helping with overcoming eating disorders such as food addiction, anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Our goal is to help you change the way you perceive food and fitness, and develop a positive body image. If you struggle with an eating disorder, you should  know that we believe clients can recover and live a healthy, happy life.   Referrals from Physicians can be sent to our office by fax.  Call 615-474-5753 for details.

Preventative Nutrition


Sluggishness, constipation, headaches, inflammation are just a few of the symptoms you may experience if you have been eating a lot of processed foods over time. Naturally and gently detoxing will clear out toxins from your body and give your digestive system a break to heal and restore naturally, before introducing new eating habits and food. Your mentality and how you view food will drastically alter how effective weight loss and detox will work. Our goal is to set you up for success and shift the way you relate to food.  We truly believe that "An Apple a day keeps the Dr. away! "  Give us a call and we can share with you our recommendations for a safe, gentle and healthy detox. 

12 Week-Total Transformation


Do you need a Total Transformation that emphasizes on improving your overall health and provides evidenced based guidelines that will make it easier to implement the permanent life style changes for long term success?

 If so, this program is for you!  

12 sessions with a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in person, by phone or on a HIPPA protected online platform.  Individualized plans to fit your health and wellness goals.  Get your health, energy and body back! 

Give us a call today to learn more about this Special Offer!


raise Your Health a Level- try health e-course

Increase Your Knowledge in the Area of Nutrition- From the Comfort of Your Home or Office. We offer A Variety of Nutrition Topics. Each course is 30 minutes in length. Enroll today!


Examples of Course Topics:

  • 4 Keys to Optimal Health- Available Now!
  • Vitamins vs. Whole Foods-Available Now!
  • Meal Prepping & Planning Basics 101- Available Now!
  • Nutrition & Diabetes Management
  • Nutrition & Hypertension
  • Nutrition & High Cholesterol
  • Weight Loss & Weight Management
  • Successful Meal Prepping Basics 
  • Eat Healthy on the Go!
  • Overcome Weight Loss Barriers
  • 5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss
  • Feeding Picky Eaters at Home
  • How to eat and enjoy Gluten free
  • Grocery Shopping like a Health Pro!

  • Best Nutrition before/after workout.... Plus so much more

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